It is clear that painting requires a professional to produce excellent results. All over the world, people love to approach expert paint sprayers to remain competitive in their area of interest.

How to Spray Paint Furniture

There are numerous varieties of colors available to the clients in the modern-day that make the task that any amateur can accomplish. Before commencing your furniture painting work, it is imperative to comprehend the item to use, the creativity you will apply and, of course, the surface of paint precisely.

An influential Sales and Marketing Director of a company based in Minneapolis Steve Engleson said that selecting the best sprayer is knowing when and how the tool will be used.

Selecting the paint sprayer

Since you are dealing with furniture, it is recommended to understand that the viscosity of the liquid determines the tip of the sprayer you use.

There are different spray tips that come with various holes sizes ranging from 0.011 to 0.21 inches. Most useful tip sizes for furniture painting range from 0.011 to .015 inches.

Don’t forget that if you plan to increase the tip of the sprayer to fit your preference, this will proportionally be determined by the liquid viscosity. Most paint sprayer amateurs and professionals make grave mistakes when they tend to focus so much on the horsepower rather than the tip size the sprayer can hold.

Stock up all the supplies you need

To ensure you produce a professional look at your painting, collect all the tools you need to avoid unnecessary interruptions back to the store so as to maintain your concentration.

Glen O. Gabbard, a high-ranking psychology authors in the 18th century, quoted that, ‘human mind depends on the power to focus on excellent results.’ Some of the necessary tools, you will require include;

Don’t fall into the ensnare of purchasing contemptible or generic paint brands; go for known brands like Rust-Oleum or Krylon despite the fact that they are quite expensive. Unlike when dealing with house walls, furniture spray painting has various finishing preferences. There is flat to the high gloss of which the high gloss is friendly to clean.

Spotless your furniture

Scrape off all the loose pieces or cracks on your furniture.  Sometimes you will have to take time and tighten loose screws to make your furniture sturdy. Remember to sand the piece repeatedly and pay special attention to rough areas. If you’re dealing with wood furniture, consider sanding it in the direction of the grain to avoid making the rough again. Once you are done with sanding, take a damp cloth and wipe all the dust available on your furniture.

Ventilate your place

The paint sprayer has tip holes that squeeze the liquid to vapor form. If you do your painting in a poorly ventilated room, then you are likely to inhale the paint which is very poisonous.

Whether in a ventilated room or not, always remember to put on your mask. Avoid entirely painting in windy days because the paint can be blown away or drop in your wet project. Cover areas that you are not painting to ensure that your finish is splendid and not flabby.

Painting correctly

Some of the professionals advise people to use close strokes in order to have your paint intact. However, as an expert in this field, I recommend my clients to use long, even strokes. This is primarily because when you use short, uneven strokes one might end up getting rings or built-up paint marks. Drips are very familiar with amateurs but if you want to appear professional, concentrate on the furniture joints, corners, legs, or ornate details to deal with dripping correctly. Statistics has depicted that many people prefer to paint sprayer because it takes less than ten minutes to dry up as compared to ordinary painting methods.

Enhance beauty

Everyone is naturally attracted to beautiful and healthy stuff. Can you imagine your colleagues swearing that your house is cute, but your furniture is dull? The obvious answer is no.

Therefore, after spray painting your piece, please use a seal. It appears even magnificent if the piece is high-use furniture like the dining table. An excellent coat like of poly-acrylic will increase the beauty longevity of your furniture. Do not feel hurt in any way, remember beauty is a choice.

 Don’t panic if you make a mistake

Before vs After

Painting is a tiresome job especially if you are painting many furniture. Others once they complete the painting jobs, require total rest like nothing else. Some once they make painting mistakes they panic and desire to quit the entire project.  In case you commit a mistake, don’t worry. Just sand it though it might take longer it’s worth. If you realize that the paint does not stick, apply priming to solve the issue of dripping.

Now once you are done, take time for the paint to dry and enjoy your beautiful experience with a paint sprayer.


If you feel you don’t like your piece, remember there is nothing else that can make your furniture appear attractive than a paint sprayer. It is true that paint sprayer is a multi-purpose painting too. However, if you want to astonish even the most sprayer painting professionals, adhere to the above guidelines.

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